Payment Method

Cash On Delivery (COD) Cash on delivery (COD) payment is accepted in Japan.
COD fee will be charged depending on the amount of the order, in addition to the shipping cost.

The price shown includes tax. (COD amount is the total amount of the product price plus shipping, gift, and transaction fees.)

COD Amount COD Fee
The fee is required per transaction
depending on the amount of COD.
~¥9,999 ¥330
~¥29,999 ¥440
~¥99,999 ¥660
~¥300,000 ¥1,100
※COD amount refers to the amount paid by the purchaser.
Note: The cash on delivery amount includes the cash on delivery fee.

●Example: A purchase of 9,999 yen

Commodity deposit (tax included) ¥9.999 COD Fee(tax included) ¥440
COD Amount ¥10,439

Please pay the total amount in cash to the delivery company when you receive the product. Please note that payments other than cash (credit cards, electronic money, etc.) are not accepted.

If you choose to pay cash on delivery, we will bill the recipient for the product. Please be aware of this.

The COD receipt you receive from the shipping company at the time of delivery is the official receipt according to accounting regulations. We cannot provide a separate receipt, so please keep the invoice in a safe place.
We accept these credit cards that are issued in Japan.
*Please note that we do not accept credit cards issued overseas.

For your safety we use SSL server with security protection by Epsilon, a credit card settlement agency.

You can choose to pay by credit card only when ordering from Website.
Please note that orders placed from cell phones can only be paid by COD.

Payment can only be made in a single payment.
(Installments, revolving payments, and bonus payments are not available.)

After filling out the necessary information on the checkout page and clicking the "Finish" button, you will be taken to the "Thank you for your purchase" page, where you will see the "Proceed to Credit Card Payment" button.
Clicking on the button will take you to the payment page of your credit card company.
Please do not close the page and proceed with the payment.

If you are unable to complete the payment due to closing the page, you may be billed with a different payment method, or you may be asked to place your order again.

・Please use the credit card in the name of the purchaser.
・Please note that credit card payment cannot be used for corporate transactions.

In the case of credit card payment, there is a character limit on the email address.
●You can use up to 128 characters in your e-mail address.
. (dot) -(hyphen) _(underscore) @(atmark)
Single-byte alphanumeric characters

If your email address contains characters other than those listed above, an error will occur and you will not be able to make payment.

The receipt you receive from credit card company is the official receipt according to accounting regulations. We cannot provide a separate receipt.
Amazon Pay This is a service that allows you to pay using the credit card information registered in
Rakuten Pay You can use your Rakuten member ID and password for smooth payment.
You can use earn and use points. Rakuten Pay is easy, secure, and deal.

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