3,000  (3,300  inc tax)
5,500  (6,050  inc tax)
サイズ: 20cm, 22cm, 24cm, 28cm, 30cm
3,900  (4,290  inc tax)
サイズ: 160mm, 220mm, 270mm
3,400  (3,740  inc tax)
3,000  (3,300  inc tax)
2,300  (2,530  inc tax)
1,500  (1,650  inc tax)
760  (836  inc tax)
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VINTAGE INOX continues to create products that look ahead to the future with the manufacturing experience and sophisticated craftsmanship.
We have adopted a new polishing method of applying damage processing to the surface of stainless steel to give a new look to tableware just like the damage processing of Jeans.
VINTAGE INOX series with the original unique aging process has a strong form and durability, and has items that can be used in cafes, restaurants, and outdoor scenes.
We are developing "VINTAGE INOX ", which is popular as a basic line, and "BLACK VINTAGE INOX ", which is the superlative of Vintage Inox, making full use of the latest techniques.