Farmer's Cutlery Spoon

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"Farmer's Cutlery," a unique shovel handle with a hemp cord

From the shovel series which stimulate the playful mind, comes the Farmer's Cutlery series with a hemp cord for convenient storage or hanging on the wall. It is same as Shovel series and dishwasher-safe, practical and there a variety of sizes. The unique vintage finish on the stainless steel gives it an industrial feel and a cool look. It is simple and unpretentious, yet stylishly decorates your space and complements your food. The more you use it, the more you can enjoy its various expressions and changes over time.

Product Detail

Farmer's Cutlery Spoon
Size S M L LL Serving Spoon
Code 650086 650062 650048 650024 650123
Material Stainless steel
Size L112mm L143mm L175mm L185mm L209mm
JAN Code 4942334650086 4942334650062 4942334650048 4942334650024 4942334650123



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