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This milk jug is useful for making fluffy milk foam or steamed milk. The short, pointed spout and large handle are easy to grip for delicate artwork and can be used for cappuccino and latte art. The unique vintage finish on the stainless steel gives it an industrial feel and a cool look. It is simple and unpretentious, yet stylish and creates a space for elegant coffee time. The more you use it, the more you can enjoy its various expressions and changes over time. Recommended for those who are particular about simple, stylish design and authentic utensils.

 Product Detail

◯ Milk jug/350ml
【JAN code】4942334510427
【Material】18-8 stainless steel
【Country of manufacture】Japan

◯ Milk jug/600ml
【JAN code】4942334510434
【Material】18-8 stainless steel
【Country of manufacture】Japan

◯ Milk jug /900ml
【JAN code】4942334511516
【Material】18-8 stainless steel
【Country of manufacture】Japan



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