Shovel Set with Carabiner

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Unique shape in the form of a shovel.

The holes in the handles allow you to tie them together, making them ideal for outdoor use or camping. It also looks great hanging on the wall as interior decoration. The black color, which looks as if it has been used for many years, is sure to stimulate the mind of tool lovers. Available in three sizes: small size for dessert, medium size for pilaf and fried rice, and dinner spoon size (L and LL) for curry and stew. Dishwasher safe.

Product Detail

Shovel Set with Carabiner
Size L 3PCSset L 2PCSset M 2PCSset S 2PCSset
Code 202407 202391 202414 202421
Material Stainless steel、Aluminium
Size Knife:210mm、Spoon:175mm、Fork:175mm Spoon:175mm、Fork:175mm Spoon:143mm、Fork:143mm Spoon:112mm、Fork:115mm
JAN Code 4942334202407 4942334202391 4942334202414 4942334202421



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