Curry Set for 2 "Dublin"

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Dublin curry set for 2 (2 Curry plates/2 Dublin Dinner Spoon)

Dublin series

spoon and curry plate set. The standard curry plate with smooth curves of the oval shape and deep design is easy to serve. This high-quality products are perfect for a gift. The unique vintage finish on the stainless steel gives it a unique warmth despite being made of metal. One of the charms of this product is that you can enjoy its various expressions and changes over time as you use it more and more. This is an item for those who want to use high quality items for a long time. Its ease of use makes it ideal for outdoor activities and camping. It is easy to wash, easy to clean, and dishwasher-safe.

Dublin series


Dublin series

is soft and gentle in both appearance and usability. The simple, lightweight, and easy-to-hold shape is very elegant in the hand. Named after Dublin, the capital of Ireland, this series decorates the table as gently as the city with its mild climate and peaceful atmosphere.

 Product Detail

◯ Curry Set for 2 "Dublin" (Curry Plate A x2 / Dublin Dinner Spoon x2)
【JAN code】4942334201561
【Material】18-8 stainless steel



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