Cutlery 4-pc Set "Baguette Classic"

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A set of dinner fork and dinner spoon from a simple cutlery series that can be easily adapted to a wide range of occasions from casual to formal. The set is characterized by its clean, timeless design and casually calculated ease of use. The center line of the handle is accented to create a classic and elegant atmosphere, making it an item that is sure to be useful in a wide range of situations, from everyday use to entertain a guest. Why not get the whole set? The unique taste of vintage-processed stainless steel has an industrial atmosphere making it look cool. The simple, unpretentious, yet stylish design will enhance your space and food. The more you use it, the more you can enjoy its various expressions and changes over time, which is one of its charms. The fork and spoon set, which are frequently used, will add color to your dining table and enhance the mood of your meals.

 Product Detail

◯ Cutlery 4-pc Set "Baguette Classic" (Dinner Fork x2 / Dinner Spoon x2)
【JAN code】4942334201516
【Material】18-8 stainless steel



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