Round Plate B

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This is an elegant round plate with a narrow rim. It is a convenient item to have as a serving plate for small dishes such as snacks and tapas, a serving plate for large dishes, and a dessert plate, as it is easy to use for a variety of purposes. The gentle rim makes it suitable for serving sauces and soupy dishes. The unique vintage finish on the stainless steel gives it an industrial feel and a cool look. It is simple and unpretentious, yet stylishly decorates your space and complements your food. The more you use it, the more you can enjoy its various expressions and changes over time. Easy to wash, easy to clean, and dishwasher-safe.

 Product Detail

○ Round Plate B/125mm
【JAN code】151152140
【Size】Φ125(Inside dimension Φ87mm)×H10mm
【Material】18-8 stainless steel

○ Round Plate B/154mm
【JAN code】151152693
【Size】Φ154(Inside dimension Φ110mm)×H12mm
【Material】18-8 stainless steel

○ Round Plate B/180mm
【JAN code】151152725
【Size】Φ180(Inside dimension Φ125mm)×H14mm
【Material】18-8 stainless steel



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