Baguette Classic Standard Fork (BLACK)

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"Baguette Classic" with an impressive center line on the handle

A simple cutlery series that can be matched to a wide range of situations from casual to formal.

It features a clean and unobtrusive design and ease of use.

The center line of the handle is accented to create a classic and elegant atmosphere, making it an item that is sure to be useful in a wide range of situations, from everyday use to entertain a guest.

Why not have them in the series? The stainless steel is dyed black and stonewashed give it an exquisite and distinctive appearance.

The rugged black color creates a sophisticated atmosphere, complements food, and makes a good accent for table coordination.

The standard fork is a bit smaller than the dinner fork, making it a size that can be used for all purposes.

Recommend to use it not only for meals, but also for preparing meats and baking pastries such as pie crusts.

 Product Detail

◯ Baguette Classic Standard Fork
【JAN code】4942334557606
【Material】18-8 stainless steel



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